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21 Aug 2022 Tradition & Innovation

Hydrogen - the energy source of the future

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In this issue, Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group, outlines the importance of hydrogen in the current energy supply situation in general and how it is already being implemented by the Wilo Group in particular at its headquarters in Dortmund.

The energy crisis in Europe is coming to a head and Germany must make itself independent of fossil fuels. Hydrogen offers a climate-friendly solution as a substitute for natural gas, oil and coal.

Hydrogen is a flexible and easily transportable energy source. If it is produced with renewable energies, it is also climate-friendly. Hydrogen thus plays a key role when it comes to independence from fossil fuels. In addition to the benefits for the climate and the currently much discussed supply security, hydrogen technologies also have the potential for many sustainable jobs and a global market worth billions.

A pilot project for captive use is currently being implemented at the Wilopark in Dortmund. In the long term, this system is to be transferred to all Wilo main production sites worldwide and offered to other partners and customers.

"Hydrogen technologies and systems have been defined as a value chain of strategic interest," says Oliver Hermes. "Thus, Wilo services are also system-relevant here. In the future, our products and systems will make an essential contribution in the production, distribution and use of climate-neutral hydrogen."