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20 Jun 2022 Wilo TV

Teaming up for energy, water and food security in West Africa.

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In this issue, Oliver Hermes, President & CEO of the Wilo Group, outlines the partnership activities of Africa GreenTec, the Wilo Foundation and the Wilo Group in Senegal.

Electricity plays a central role when it comes to the development of the Sub-Saharan Africa region: water treatment, cold chains, electricity, the internet - seamless and secure.

In the community of N'diob, Senegal, a pilot project for the future realization of so-called ImpactSites in Senegal has been established. In addition to water filtration and water treatment solutions, Wilo is providing several solar-powered borehole pumps for the farmers. In this way, the company not only ensures an efficient drinking water supply, but also enables sustainable field irrigation.

With this project, the Wilo Group is once again underlining its claim and corporate commitment to the international sustainability goals of the United Nations (UN Global Compact). It is thus making a contribution to sustainable development in Africa and beyond the continent.

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