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1 Jul 2020 Wilo TV

Welcome to the Wilopark!


With this new episode of Wilo TV we celebrate the achievement of an important milestone in Wilo history: the relocation to the Wilopark!

"In the past decade, a large part of our worldwide investments has flowed into the emerging markets and into the USA. Now it was time to strengthen the mature markets of Europe", introduces Oliver Hermes, President and CEO of the Wilo Group.

The Wilopark is now making a crucial contribution to this project: With an investment volume of around 300 million euros, the redesign of the Wilo headquarters is the largest project in Wilo's corporate history. It is not only the largest industrial construction project in North Rhine-Westphalia, but also one of the most important industrial investments in Germany and Europe.

The ultra-modern and digital Smart Factory, the "Pioneer Cube" office building, a customer service centre and the product development department cover an area of almost 200,000 m². There is also a milestone exhibition of the innovations in the company's history, which visualises the pioneering spirit that Wilo, as a family business, has always carried within itself since 1872.

This milestone was originally planned to be celebrated in September 2020 at the latest. Due to the Corona pandemic, the opening ceremonies have now been rescheduled to 04 February 2021.

"All in all, the Wilo Group has invested around one billion euros worldwide in the last decade and created a modern, future-oriented, efficient and growth-promoting corporate infrastructure. We would not have succeeded in this without our employees! This is why we have invested in this strategic project not only in our site, but especially in our Wilo employees. We are pleased that a large part of our Dortmund Wilo family is reunited at the Wilopark", emphasises Oliver Hermes.

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