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2 Nov 2022 Wilo TV

"region-for-region" approach in Americas

Video Management

In this episode, Oliver Hermes, Chairman & CEO of the Wilo Group, picks the Group's region-for-region approach out as a central theme, using the American market as an example.

The Wilo Group is well prepared for a geopolitical and geo-economic turning point with the "region-for-region" approach it has been practicing for years. Under this approach, regional customer needs are served with regionally manufactured products.

To take account of the geopolitical importance of the USA and the excellent economic development of Wilo's US activities, a regional headquarters was opened in Chicago/Cedarburg in mid-2022. The bundling of company acquisitions made in previous years and additional manufacturing capacity will enable the company to meet customer needs in the US market promptly and in line with demand, and to offer a broader range of high-quality products "Made in USA".

The same applies to a new assembly line that can supply the Latin American market with an expanded product portfolio.

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