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15 Jun 2020 Wilo TV

Wilo - the Digital Pioneer of the Pumps Industry


Today’s world is a connected world: faster, more dynamic and more efficient than ever before. That’s why it’s particularly important to continue forging ahead with the Wilo Group’s digital transformation. In the new Wilo TV broadcast, President & CEO of the Wilo Group Oliver Hermes explains why Wilo is already the digital pioneer of the pumps industry.

Particularly now, with the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing, the digital transformation offers significant opportunities for many companies. “Many are only now discovering and making use of digital possibilities, and are increasingly offering digital products, solutions, and services. Long before the coronavirus crisis hit, the Wilo Group recognised both the need for digital transformation and the great added value it offers to our customers,” says Oliver Hermes.

For many years now, Wilo has been driving its digital transformation in four dimensions: Products & Solutions, Processes, Business Models, and Human Resources. Using specific examples, today’s broadcast demonstrates why Wilo is the digital pioneer of the branch. With the Wilo-Live Assistant and the Wilo-Stratos MAXO, Wilo offers not only digital services but also digital and smart products.

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