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Port 800 | Wilo
Your advantages
Wilo-Port 800

Your advantages

  • Chamber covers that can be directly mounted on the chamber allow driving over – even by heavy-duty vehicles
  • A continuously variable pump chamber extension of up to 2.75 m allows for flexible adjustment during the installation phase
  • One-piece chamber body up to 2.25 m offers maximum operational reliability and protection against leakage
  • The use of corrosion-free materials ensures a long service life
  • Surface coupling allows for easy maintenance with readily accessible valves
  • Light polyethylene chamber body and integrated inlet connections enable an easy installation
  • Circumferential chamber ribs make the chamber body anti-buoyant without additional ballast
Series description


Pump chamber made of plastic for concealed floor installation


Pumps sewage without faeces (version D) and with faeces (version B):

  • In cases where sewage cannot be led to the sewer system via a natural downward slope.
  • For the backflow resistant drainage in cases where the discharge point is below the backflow level.



Wilo-Port 800.1-1750-03B


Pump chamber diameter in mm


Number of pumps


Monolithic over-all height in mm


Discharge outlet:

  • 03 = R 1¼
  • 04 = R 1½


Version for Wilo pump

  • B = Rexa MINI3-S, Rexa FIT-S, Rexa PRO-S, Rexa CUT
  • D = Rexa MINI3

Technical data

  • Monolithic pump chamber heights: 1750, 2250 mm
  • Max. pump chamber height with extension: 2750 mm
  • Pump chamber diameter: 800 mm
  • Connection port (closed): 1x DN 100, 2x DN 150, 1x DN 200
  • Discharge outlet with male thread:
    • Version “B” = R 1¼
    • Version “D” = R 1½
  • Connection for flushing/vacuum relief valve: Rp 1


  • Pump chamber: PE
  • Pipework: Stainless steel
  • Cross member: Stainless steel
  • Gate valve: Red brass
  • Non-return ball valve: EN-GJL with corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • Surface coupling: EN-GJL with corrosion-resistant powder coating
  • Chain: Stainless steel


Ready-to-install plastic pump chamber in monolithic design without gasket surfaces with deposit-free pump chamber geometry and crane eyes for easy relocation and transport. Anti-buoyant against ground water up to the top edge of the ground without additional concrete weights provided by the customer. Complete pipework with surface coupling for quick and easy pump installation, a sleeve gate valve and a removable non-return ball valve. The non-return ball valve is installed directly on the discharge port of the pump. Includes pump chain as lifting equipment for the pump.

The pipework also offers additional connections for a flush connection and a vacuum relief valve. The chamber cover is available in classes A 15, B 125 and D 400.

Scope of delivery

  • Pump chamber with pre-assembled pipework
  • Surface coupling
  • Non-return valve
  • Gate valve
  • Chain

Notice! Pump not included within the scope of delivery!


  • Only install outside of buildings.
  • Do not install in the immediate vicinity of living and sleeping areas.
  • Do not install the pump chamber in peaty soils.
  • Max. height adjustment:
    • with concrete rings: 200 mm
    • with plastic pump chamber extension: 500 mm
  • Chamber cover D 400: customer must install a load distribution plate!
    • The load distribution plate must rest fully on the substructure! The load distribution plate must not rest on the pump chamber.
    • Dimensions: External Ø: 1700 mm; internal Ø: 700 mm; strength Ø: 300 mm
    • Concrete quality: C 35/45; reinforcement: Reinforcing steel B500A
    • Spacing: 150 mm lengthwise + crosswise, top + bottom

Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-PORT 800

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Reference sheet

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