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The preventative replacement of heating pumps

LCC Check – Life Cycle Cost Check

The pump replacement function in Wilo-Select 4 calculates the life cycle cost (LCC) of existing heating pumps for you and compares these concisely to the recommended replacement pumps. The result is you receive a meaningful efficiency comparison. Preventative replacement is thus often a nice and easy decision to make.

Savings potential and payback period are quickly determined

In order to allow you to make an efficiency comparison, we have saved more than 1,000 commercially available heating pumps in Wilo-Select 4. An example calculation for a current pump or even for entire properties can thus be performed easily and conveniently.

Savings potential and payback period

By indicating the possible saving potential in euros and the payback period, you can give your customer a solid basis for their decision to replace a heating pump.

Wilo-Select 4 online – the pump consultant

With the new Wilo-Select 4 online, you can now experience pump dimensioning in the 4th generation – flexible, convenient, efficient and powerful. What’s more, you will always have access to the latest product data via the Internet. Very easy online and available everywhere.

In just 4 steps you can access a product recommendation or reliable life cycle cost analysis (LCC Check).

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