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NEW Stratos PICO

Wilo's Smart Heating Circulation Pump

Looking for a smart central heating circulation pump? Then you need the Stratos PICO. Find out why it is the installer's choice for domestic heating systems.

Product information

The smart heating circulation pump for this season

Looking for a smart, variable speed central heating circulation pump? Need it to be easy to install and quick to commission? Want the best in class in energy efficiency? Then you need the Wilo-Stratos PICO heating circulation pump.

If you or your customer's heating has broken down in the home this winter, or the heating is simply not very efficient, the Stratos-PICO is a highly efficient heating circulation pump that pumps hot water to radiators and underfloor heating systems.

Why choose the Stratos PICO heating circulation pump?Watch the videos

The Stratos PICO at a glance

Take a look at the key features...

Why choose the Stratos PICO heating circulation pump?

Here are some key reasons for making your selection...

It's safe

Clever functions like automatic dry-running detection, restart and venting help make the pump safer for homes and plumbing and heating systems.

It's smart and efficient

Bluetooth connectivity and features such as Dynamic Adapt Plus make the pump easy to set up and energy efficient through automatic adjustments that learn the demands of the system.

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It's compact

Small and weighing a maximum of 2.5kg, the Stratos PICO is easy to handle and fit into tight airing cupboards

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It's got handy installation features

With a thermal insulation shell supplied, there's no need to lag the product yourself. Our Wilo-Connector module also means easy electrical connection.

It's quick to commission

A large colour display, Dynamic Adapt Plus and factory presets mean installers can commission the product in one click through the pump's green button.

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It's accessible remotely

With our optional Wilo-Smart Connect Bluetooth module and BMS modules, you can monitor the pump's performance on your smart phone and remotely. Our Wilo-Assistant app gives you indepth performance reports for easy fault diagnosis.


Watch our step-by-step Stratos PICO installation guide performed by our professional partner Grant Gundelfinger.

Ready to purchase?

Whether you need more info or are ready to purchase the Stratos PICO, our dedicated sales team is available to help answer your questions.

Contact us today.

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Nur verwendbar in der Einfach Kampagne
Nur verwendbar in der Einfach Kampagne


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