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Highly efficient pumps for building services

Powerful, easy-maintenance, reliable, energy saving... these are the properties you can naturally expect from our water pumps. If you value top-rate performance and high-efficiency, Wilo is your perfect partner.

Continually supplying properties with water and heat puts high demands on pump systems and energy usage. We use highly efficient technology in our pump systems to achieve maximum energy efficiency, helping commercial building owners to noticeably reduce their operating costs while also working towards their sustainability goals. We also apply the same logic to our residential offering with energy saving for the home owner top of mind.

Know which pump you need?

If you're already familiar with Wilo and would like to browse our online product catalogue, follow the links below to our residential or commercial building services pumps and pump systems.

Pumps and pump systems for residential buildings

Find all the products you need for residential buildings here, including heating circulators, pressure boosters, secondary hot water pumps, waste water pumps and much more.

View product catalogue here

Pumps and pump systems for commercial buildings

Find everything you need for commercial buildings, from heating and cooling, to water supply and drainage and sewage pumps.

View product catalogue here

Meeting your sustainability goals... and our own

Providing more people with clean water while also reducing our environmental footprint is at the core of our sustainability strategy. With our smart high-efficiency pumps, up to 1.8 TWh of electricity can be saved each year.

From smart and intelligent technology which provides connectivity and control of your pumps and pumps systems, to energy and carbon saving consultations and advice about your existing equipment, we're here to support you in meeting your operational and sustainability goals.

Find out more about how we can help you to take control of your pump systems and save energy and carbon in the links below. You can also read more about our sustainability goals and credentials.