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Building a sustainable future

As part of the plan to deliver a ‘Net-Zero NHS,’ there is a need to remove 6.1 MtCO2e from the NHS carbon footprint with a further 24.9 MtCO2e from the NHS Carbon Footprint plus (this includes the supply chain). These emissions are roughly equivalent to the emissions profile of Croatia. Focus on estates and infrastructure offers many opportunities to reduce carbon emissions. Upgrading of buildings is predicted to reduce emissions by 473 ktCO2e.

Potential upgrades include LED lighting across the entire estate and replacing boilers and HVAC infrastructure. Often overlooked is the contributing factor pumps have on carbon emissions. Hospital demands for heating, cooling and drinking water are very unpredictable, and systems are designed with sufficient redundancy to meet the worst-case scenario. However, most of the time, these systems run at a reduced load, probably the most inefficient method of operation for any system.

Achieving energy and carbon savings in legacy healthcare establishments

Replacing outdated pumps with the latest, highly efficient, smart technology pumps can significantly save energy. These systems continuously adapt to fluctuating demands and ensure they operate at their highest efficiency. Still able to provide and meet peak demand when required, these pumps can reduce their performance at periods of low demand consuming significantly less power. Savings in the region of 75% can be achieved through smart operation.

Our energy audits can help identify pump upgrade opportunities based on exact site data. All proposals are calculated using site measurement real-time data and include performance and energy reduction calculations together with a clear ROI. This information supports applications for funding for these projects, which our team can also assist with.

Identifying savings and upgrading your pump equipment

Identifying potential energy and carbon savings and upgrading your pump equipment is simple. We take care of everything for you in three simple steps...

We take a series of readings from your current equipment (energy audit) and make predictions based on current performance.

We demonstrate the energy and carbon savings that can be made by upgrading your pump equipment, along with the ROI over a specific timeframe.

If you decide to proceed, we manage the install, commissioning (and monitoring) of your new equipment.