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Connect module Yonos MAXO | Wilo

Connect module Yonos MAXO

The flexible solution for building management system integration.

Your advantages
Wilo-Connect module Yonos MAXO

The flexible solution for building management system integration.

The Wilo-Connect module enables the optimal integration of the Wilo-Yonos MAXO into the building management system. Dual pump management is already integrated with no additional components required.

The “Ext. OFF” function ensures a soft start. The power needed to activate the pump is significantly reduced, decreasing the impact on the upstream switching elements. The pump operation is indicated by means of a collective run signal. The module can be used both in new installations and to upgrade existing systems.

Your advantages

  • A universal module for the complete series that is suitable for single and twin-head pumps, for new installations and for retrofitting pumps that have already been installed
  • Dual pump management already integrated without the need for additional components
  • Plug connection allows easy installation
  • “Ext. OFF” function ensures soft switching on and off for the preservation of upstream switching elements
  • Monitoring of operational readiness via the building management system using collective run and fault signals
  • Integrated dual pump management with fault indication for the pump affected and automatic switchover in case of a fault
Series description


The Wilo-Connect module Yonos MAXO is a retrofittable plug-in module for Wilo-Yonos MAXO/Yonos MAXO-D/Yonos MAXO-Z pumps.

The Wilo-Connect module Yonos MAXO is installed on the electronic module of the pump at the position of the Wilo plug.

Utilisation of the Wilo-Connect moduleYonos MAXO dispenses with external contactors and other switchgears as well as the associated installation workload. The load of customer-side switchgears (relays) due to high starting currents is reduced to a minimum by the Connect module Yonos MAXO.


  • Run signal display
  • SSM collective fault signal as potential-free NC contact
  • SBM collective run signal as potential-free NO contact
  • Overriding Off control input (External Off)
  • Integrated dual pump management with the functions:
    • Main/standby operation with runtime-dependent (24 h) switchover from main to standby pump
    • Fault-sensitive switchover to operational standby pump

Mains terminals

Terminal cross-section: max. 2.5 mm2

Signal terminals

Max. switching capacity: 250 V/1 A

Terminal cross-section: max. 1.5 mm2

Control terminal Ext. Off

Contact rating: 24 V DC, 10 mA

Terminal cross-section: min. 0.75 mm2, max. 1.5 mm2

Scope of delivery

Wilo-Connect module Yonos MAXO

2 fastening screws for cover installation

4 threaded cable glands M16

Installation and operating instructions


Installation and operating instructions

Wilo-Connect Modul Yonos MAXO

Article Number 2211736
Edition 2020-04
Page format 630.1 x 148.2 mm
Number of pages 160
PDF (3 MB)

Certificate REACH

REACH Regulation

Edition 2021-05
Page format 209.9 x 297.0 mm
Number of pages 4
PDF (262 KB)